Can riders collect race numbers on the morning before the start of the first stage?

No, riders have to collect their race numbers and race packs at registration at ASG Concept Store (Laborie Centre, Main Road, Paarl): 10:00 – 18:00. NO EXCEPTIONS

Which meals are included in a race entry?

Pre-race race on the Sunday following registration from 19:00 and daily lunches with the exception of the final stage

When will I receive all my race merchandise?

Riders who purchased any of the ASG Sport specials that were made available to entrants as well as Tour of Good Hope cycling jerseys, will be able to collect these items at registration.

Where do riders affix race numbers?

Riders have to affix their back numbers to the left and right pockets of their cycling jerseys with safety pins and also attach frame number to the seatpost of their bicycles with cable straps.

How will riders be identified at dinner and lunch functions?

Each rider will receive a Tour of Good Hope wristband which riders must have on their wrists for the duration of the event.

Is there a service available for the transport of vehicles?

Because of the central location, the organization is offering no shuttle/transfer service for riders.  It’s every rider’s own responsibility to get to the start line every day and to wherever he/she has to get once he/she has completed the stage.

Will there be a daily merchandise store?

Yes, ASG will man a small merchandise stall at the end of each stage where riders and spectators will be able to buy tour merchandise (subject to availability) and other ASG Sport items.

Are Tri bars allowed?

Yes, Tri-Bars and Time Trial bikes are allowed in the Time Trial

Who is timing the event and how is timing done?

RaceTec is the official time keeper of the 2019 Tour of Good Hope.

Will there be a technical back up?

Yes, ASG The Store will have a stall to deal with technical issues.

Will there be a massage service?

Yes, a daily massage service will be set up.  Riders can pre-book this service.

How does servicing and feeding work during the service?

While cyclists are on the race route, the race organisation is facilitating well stocked waterpoints on the route as well as one neutral service vehicle per group for the licensed vets/ladies and elite cyclists.

These vehicles are there if you’d like to pop in extra wheels but are not there to facilitate feeding. 
Veterans/licensed ladies without team vehicles, will have to stop at waterpoints on route to fill up.
Entrants in the licensed vets/ladies and elite category are permitted to have one team vehicle follow them if the driver is in possession of a valid CSA team manager’s license.
Riders in the amateur category are also permitted to have a following vehicle, but this vehicle has to pull over to the side to hand riders bottles/eats.
These vehicles may not assist a rider in any way with drafting. If a rider’s team vehicle is seen transgressing, the rider will immediately be disqualified and taken off the start list for the following day.

How do arrangements work off the bike?

Off the bike, the Tour of Good Hope is a self service tour. This means riders are expected to get to the start line every day by themselves and once they’ve completed the stage, they have to get themselves and their bags to their overnight spot themselves.

How many riders permitted in a team?

In the elite category, teams have to be a minimum of three riders to qualify for the team competition (first three riders across the line times to count towards teams competiton) and a maximum of eight starters. 
There is no team competition in the Veterans bunches. Riders can ride with the same kit if they would like to be identified as such, but there is no team prize in this category – only individual general classification prizes in the various UCI age categories.
There is a team competition in the amateur bunches where riders who have entered in teams of 8 can battle it out for some bragging rights after the Tour. The times of the FOURTH FASTEST rider daily is tallied up to determine the team winner of this competition.

How will daily prize giving work?

Riders in all categories – Amateurs, Vets 30+, 40+ 50+, licensed ladies, juniors and elites – who finish in the first position on the stage as well as the overall leader in the category need to avail themselves for the prize giving function, which will start a half hour before the depart of their bunch the following morning.